APIDEA Evaporator

The low APIDEA acid dispenser with green acid-resistant plastic and its absorbent a sponge cloth made of viscose as support material, can be adjusted bee friendly and is used several times.
Equipped with two plates with evaporation orifices for adjusting the evaporation holes relative to each other. The important points of the instruction are printed on the plate. Its evaporation openings can be precisely regulated and so the temperature conditions, the colony strength precisely adapted. So that a uniform distribution of the acid concentrate is obtained in the floor and the queens loss reduced almost entirely. Suitable for all kinds of bee boxes.

Dimensions: 29,8 x 22,5cm x 1cm


  • Tray made of acid-resistant plastic
  • One evaporation plate each printed and unprinted
  • Sponge cloths

All parts are also available separately.

Download detailed instruction