About Us

In 1978 & 1979, Milan Lusser, the father of the APIDEA mating hive, developed the first models of the legendary hive in his small workshop in Switzerland. The perfection of the hives has always been the top priority, so it took a few years until the patent specification could be drawn up in the spring of 1982. The patent was finally granted 4 years later. Now the Europe-wide triumph of the outstanding mating hive could begin. The breeders quickly recognized the ease of handling and the heat-insulating properties. APIDEA quickly became established in practice. Over the next decades, hundreds of thousands of APIDEA mating boxes were deployed. At the APIDMONDIA in Lausanne in 1995, the APIDEA hive was awarded gold. In 2004, Karin Kunder and Silvio Hitz took over the APIDEA trademark rights. They continued the tradition of high quality standards for the APIDEA mating hive and other products and continually developed new adjustments and improvements. We are convinced that the next generation will also maintain the high Swiss quality in this sense.